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The food of IORI

At IORI we propose an experience, a journey through your palate and body to discover a new and true flavor with organic and quality products.

Our food is mostly vegan advised by Asuka. We try to suggest dishes that everyone likes, including people who like meat, who we encourage to experience our dishes full of flavors and good energy of nature. We also offer vegetarian and fish dishes for those who wish.

Let us know in advance if there is any special request for food. We try to adapt within our possibilities. We also have gluten-free options.


Organic and local products

Let's have gluten-free products

Vegan products





The Asuka’s food is simple and at the same time very careful and sophisticated cuisine. In its preparation extracts the maximum flavor of the great nature in its natural state using macrobiotic tecnics. Asuka gets a very tasty and healthy meal that satisfies and surprises everyone.

A meal that will help you recover strength during your vacations while you rest and enjoy the nature of the Vall d’Aran.

Stay tuned in our agenda or sign up for the news letter if you want to taste Asuka’s live food or learn to cook with her!

ASUKA, Nature Chef





Asuka’s restaurant in Kyoto, Japan: http://tosca-kyoto.com/


logo restaurante Asuka en Kyoto






Made with the same care and detail as at home.




Natural and seasonal products, not chemically processed.




Local products Products of the area.


Gluten Free


Gluten-free products for celiac customers.




For vegan customers, we have products of NO animal origin.


From 8:30 to 10:30. From 8:00 to 10:00 only in the winter season.

Price: 9€

For us, it is very important to support small businesses, consume products of locally, seasonal and organic. So within our means, we have made a careful selection of products for breakfast. It is a breakfast rich in flavor and rich in nutrition. I hope you like it!

As they are not industrial products, things can be out of stock, since each season there are crop and production limits. In these cases we aim to put products of equal quality.

You have to try it … you will notice it! You will love it!


Our organic bread made with sourdough:


Wholemeall croissant

* We also have a croissant for celiacs


Yeast bread

Corn bread for celiacs


To accompany the bread:



To accompany the bread:


Organic marmalades of Cal Valls, made without sugar.

Pyrenée’s honey

Olive oil


Tomatoes to spread (only in summer)



Other products for breakfast:

Organic cheese from “Ferme de Seulère”

Smoked tofu (for vegans)

Organic eggs to your liking

Yogurt from the “Hormatgeria dera Irissa” of the Val d’Aran

Porrige (for vegans)

Seasonal and organic fruits:

We do everything possible to offer organic fruits at your breakfast. Being in the Val d’Aran, it is not always easy to obtain fruits and vegetables of organic production. Thus, we can not commit ourselves to always have fresh organic product, but almost always it will be.

Almonds soaking:

For the raw vegans, the birth power of the seeds is already well known. We let the almonds soak at night, so the seed is activated and tries to be born. In these moments it increases three times more the nutrition of the almonds. They are also much more tasty!

Apple juice Aran de Terra:

Made with apples picked from the trees of the Val d’Aran. Pure juice pressed by hand.

We offer natural orange juice (in winter):

Pure juice only of those that have been pressed by hand.

Hot Drinks:

  • Fair Trade coffee of the alternative brand3 or cereal coffee
  • Fair Trade hot chocolate
  • Infusions of Josenea


  • Organic cow’s milk
  • Rice milk
  • Soy milk

To sweeten:

  • Fair Trade Brown or Golden Sugar from alternative brand 3
  • Stevia leaves for infusions
  • Agave syrup

Our organic pic-nic

Sandwich with Ferme Seulère’s cheese with tomato and salad (In Winter there is no tomatos)

Smoked tofu sandwich with sauteed vegetables with tahini sauce


Organic juice or water bottle


We have gluten-free bread

The bio picnic has a cost of € 9 and must be ordered one day in advance

Our dinner

Until 6 of September

At 8:30 p.m. (from Monday to Saturday, Sunday we do not offer dinner service)

We offer dinners to our clients by request one day in advance. Delicious homemade food, made daily .. Of course, made with organic and high quality products.

Ask us one day in advance!

Most of our vegan dishes are advised by Asuka.

Try it even if you are not vegan!

Price: 23€/person (12€ childrens)

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