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Conditions of Use of the Website and the Service of Iorihotel SL.


Below are the general conditions (hereinafter, the “Conditions”) that regulate the access and / or use by you (hereinafter the “User”) of the website located at www.iorihotel.com (hereinafter, the “Website”), as well as all its products, contents and related services, including any extension, update or modification of any of them (hereinafter, the “Service”). PLEASE READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY, BECAUSE YOU HAVE ACCESSED AND / OR USED THE WEBSITE AND THE SERVICE MEANS THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD AND AGREE, WITHOUT ANY RESERVATION, THESE CONDITIONS.

The User declares and guarantees by this means that he possesses the necessary legal capacity to access and enjoy the Service, as well as to contract the Service.


  1. Iorihotel SL provides the Service through the Website. Iorihotel has its registered office in C / Frederic Mistral, 1 BL.C., 25717 Vielha e Mijaran (Lleida), is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Lleida, in volume 37858, page 79, page 315653 with CIF B63899538. Iorihotel has all the necessary permits and licenses for the provision of the Services offered through the Website.
  2. On the Website you can find information about the hotel, its rooms, rates, its restaurant, the bar, the furniture of the establishment and many other spaces and services at your disposal.
  3. Through the Website and in accordance with these Conditions, you may request reservations at our establishment through the means that Iorihotel enables on the Website to that effect (ie by completing a form, through the email address) electronic enabled for these purposes, etc.). Iorihotel may also offer the Service through other companies who may, in agreement with Iorihotel, make it available to users under their sole responsibility, and always under the full acceptance by Iorihotel of the conditions that they establish.
  4. Furniture and other items can also be purchased online through the Website. The sales made are distance sales regulated by the Spanish legislation in the matter and by the general conditions of purchase accessible through this Link or by accessing the corresponding section of sale of furniture of the Website.
  5. The use of the Website implies the acceptance of the ends expressed in these Conditions. The use of certain services offered by the Website are subject to particular Conditions, which may complete and / or modify the Conditions set forth herein. Therefore, the User must carefully read the corresponding Particular Conditions.

Obligations of the User

  1. The User undertakes at all times to use the Service in accordance with these Conditions and current legislation. In particular, and by way of example, but not limited to, the User shall NOT in relation to the Service: a. Register or communicate data that is not true, accurate, complete and / or updated. b. Access the Service using the name of another User or impersonating any person or identity. c. Use the Service for different uses for personal and private use and, in particular, contract the Service for subsequent resale to other users without the written authorization of Iorihotel. d. Restrict or prevent any other User from using and enjoying the Service. and. Send or disseminate information, codes or content that may reduce, harm, disrupt or impede the normal use of the Service by any User, and / or that may damage or harm the equipment or property of Iorihotel, third party providers or others Users, including, without limitation, malicious applications, viruses, logic bombs, mass message sending, etc. Iorihotel reserves the right to delete information sent by a User, in order to maintain optimal quality of use of the Service.

Reservations. Cancellations and modifications.

  1. The purpose of these Conditions is to regulate the reservations made through the Website with respect to the Service offered. Any User may make one or more reservations through the Website, in any case paying part of the total price in advance as a guarantee by bank transfer to the account number that Iorihotel will provide or in cash. As soon as the reservation request of the Service is received, Iorihotel will send by email the User the availability of the same and, if applicable, the confirmation of the reservation requested, or else the impossibility of formalizing the reservation will be notified due to lack of availability of the Service or due to any other justified reason. The reservation will be understood to be made at the moment in which the User makes the advance payment of a part of the total price, as stated above, which will be indicated for each reservation. In any case, Iorihotel will confirm the reservation via e-mail to the User. In case the User does not pay the aforementioned amount, the reservation will not be understood. The User accepts that the reservations made of the Service can not be transferred. The User must inform the hotel of the time of his arrival, as well as any other relevant information (i.e. pets, etc.).

8. Iorihotel sells its hotel services through its website. Therefore, the commercialization of said Services will be subject to its conditions, which must be consulted and accepted by the User.

  1. Cancellations: In the case of canceling the reservation made on the Service reserved through the Website, the User will be subject to the cancellation conditions of Iorihotel. The cancellation of a reservation does not imply any cost for the User until 21 days before the date of entry. However, if the cancellation is made between 20 and 10 days before the date of entry, the User must pay 5{46097ca2e64b8b85370d0dccd81ecdae6066d571f8d0d4588fd6390d1f60243f} of the total price of the reservation made. If the cancellation is made between 9 and 3 days before the date of entry, the User must pay 25{46097ca2e64b8b85370d0dccd81ecdae6066d571f8d0d4588fd6390d1f60243f} of the total price of the reservation made. In the same way, if the cancellation was made 48 hours before the date of entry, the User must pay 50{46097ca2e64b8b85370d0dccd81ecdae6066d571f8d0d4588fd6390d1f60243f} of the total price of the reservation made. And if the User does not show up at the establishment, without having previously canceled the reservation, he must pay the total amount of the same.
    In the case of a reservation of more than 3 rooms or that exceeds € 1000 we ask for a deposit of 30{46097ca2e64b8b85370d0dccd81ecdae6066d571f8d0d4588fd6390d1f60243f} of the reservation.
  2. Modifications: In case of modifications made to the reservations made, the User must check the conditions and the price of the room / s before requesting the changes as these may be different. There will be no charges for modification in accommodation bookings when rooms / beds / cribs / nights are added to rooms or nights already confirmed, but the corresponding Particular Conditions, if applicable, will be applicable. Iorihotel reserves the right to modify any reservation based on reasonable criteria. In the event of a change to the reservation made for reasons attributable to Iorihotel, the latter will inform you as soon as possible and will use its best efforts to offer the User another alternative service. When the inability to provide the Service is due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, Iorihotel shall not be liable for any damages or losses caused to the User, as the case may be. Likewise, whenever possible, in the opinion of Iorihotel, the latter may offer the User an offer of the same or superior quality to the initial reservation made by the User.

Price and payment of the Service

  1. The prices of the Service are established in Euros. In any case, Iorihotel will clearly define if the price in each offer, product and service, includes the applicable taxes or other concepts, if applicable. In the Service published on the Website, the concepts, products or services included in the price will be clearly described. In any case, the prices shown in each specific Service will never include any other service that is not clearly specified as included in the price of the Service.
  2. In order to guarantee the reservation of accommodation and other services, where appropriate, the User must pay by bank transfer to the account indicated by Iorihotel at any time or in cash part of the price whose amount will be expressly identified in each case. All remaining payments in relation to the Service (accommodation, meals, transportation to the airport, etc.) will be made in the same hotel in cash or by credit card (VISA, VISA ELECTRON AND MASTERCARD).

Links on the Website

  1. Iorihotel has on its Website “links” or hyperlinks to other websites which depend on third parties. These hyperlinks are provided solely for information purposes to the User. Iorihotel has no control over the websites and, therefore, assumes no responsibility for them, nor about the products, services or any other element found on these websites nor for any damages or losses that may be caused to the website. User access to them. Also, the introduction of such hyperlinks does not imply the existence of any commercial relationship between Iorihotel and the owner of the website, so the existence of the hyperlink does not imply that Iorihotel agrees with its content or takes responsibility for it.

Suspension and termination of the access service to the Website.

14 Iorihotel reserves the right to modify, restrict, temporarily or permanently, access and / or use of the Website access service, with or without prior notification, in particular, but without limitation, in the following situations:

  1. When the User fails to comply with these Conditions.
  2. When the User improperly uses any part of the Service or any other property of Iorihotel.
  3. In the event that a security breach or unauthorized access to the Service is detected.
  4. When the User has not paid the corresponding charges for cancellation of a Service.
  5. In the event that the User uses the Contents in a manner, for purposes or effects contrary to the Law, morality, generally accepted good customs and public order.
  6. In case of force majeure.

Privacy and protection of personal data

  1. For IoriHotel (https://iorihotel.com), the privacy of our visitors is of the utmost importance. These privacy policies delineate the types of personal information we receive and collect on this site and the manner in which they are used.

All data provided by email or electronic forms will be treated according to the current regulations on personal data protection, and in any case will be confidential for the staff of IoriHotel that manages this information.

IoriHotel will not disclose the personal information you provide on this website to third parties, except when necessary for the provision of the contracted service or in those cases in which the disclosure is required by current legislation, by court order, or by an authority competent governmental or otherwise.

IoriHotel is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and users of its website. This Statement describes your policy regarding the collection and use of information on this website.

On the website there are links to other websites, but please note that this Privacy Policy is only applicable to https://iorihotel.com/, not to the sites maintained by other companies or organizations with which https: //s821201278.mialojamiento.es/iorihotel/ have links, nor to the contents published on its pages.

Both the access to the websites and the use that may be made of the information and contents included therein, shall be the sole responsibility of the person who carries it out. Therefore, the use that can be made of the information, images, content and / or products reviewed and accessible through it, will be subject to the legality, whether national or international, applicable, as well as the principles of good faith and use. lawful by the Users, who will be entirely responsible for said access and correct use. The Users will be obliged to make reasonable use of the services or contents, under the principle of good faith and with respect to current legislation, morals, public order, good customs, the rights of third parties or the own company, all according to the possibilities and purposes for which they are designed. IoriHotel does not assume any responsibility, whether direct or indirect, arising from the misuse of the services or contents made by Users or third parties.

Intellectual and industrial property 16. All contents and elements of the Service included in the Website, including but not limited to, texts, drawings, trademarks (including the name of Iorihotel), logos, graphics, animations, source codes, applications computer software or any other element or content are owned by Iorihotel or its licensors. Your copy, transformation, distribution or public communication, as well as any other act of disposition are strictly prohibited, unless you have the corresponding authorization from Iorihotel. The User only has a strictly private right of use, exclusively for the purpose of enjoying the services and the Website in accordance with these Conditions.

Intellectual and industrial property

  1. All contents and elements of the Service included in the Website, including but not limited to, texts, drawings, trademarks (including the name of Iorihotel), logos, graphics, animations, source codes, applications computer software or any other element or content are owned by Iorihotel or its licensors. Your copy, transformation, distribution or public communication, as well as any other act of disposition are strictly prohibited, unless you have the corresponding authorization from Iorihotel. The User only has a strictly private right of use, exclusively for the purpose of enjoying the services and the Website in accordance with these Conditions.
  2. Iorihotel does not grant any license of use of any kind on its industrial and / or intellectual property rights or on any other property or right related to the Website, the Services or the Contents.
  3. The copying, transformation, distribution, public communication or any other act of disposition on the Contents is strictly forbidden unless the corresponding authorization of Iorihotel or its corresponding owner is available.


  1. The access and reservation of the Service on the Website is always carried out under the responsibility of the User. Iorihotel is not responsible for the use that the User makes of the Service and / or the Software of the Website. The User shall hold harmless and indemnify Iorihotel with respect to any breach of these Conditions by the User.
  2. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Iorihotel does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage (including, without limitation, any type of damage or direct, indirect or consequential loss, loss of business, data -including those of the User- , contracts or benefits, losses or damages in relation to computer programs or equipment) that may arise from access or use or the inability to access or use the Service or any part thereof, whatever the cause, including the inaccuracy of the information contained in the Service or provided by its suppliers, the damages that may occur from the use of the Service by the User, including the specified cancellation costs of the reservations provided in condition 7 above, the connection problems with the Service, the communication of your data to third party providers of certain services, among others.
  3. In addition, Iorihotel is not responsible for the services of third-party providers that may be requested through the Service, and is not responsible in particular for any breaches or damages caused by an action or omission of a third-party provider. . Likewise, Iorihotel does not assume any responsibility arising from the lack of veracity, correctness or accuracy of the information on services, products or offers, characteristics and descriptions thereof or any other information provided by third-party suppliers through the Website.
  4. Iorihotel does not guarantee that the Software of the Website does not contain any error, that its access or use is uninterrupted, or that it can not be infected by viruses or any other element that has destructive or polluting properties, and therefore Iorihotel does not accept No responsibility in this regard.

Other Conditions

  1. These Conditions are available upon request in Spanish and English. The specific conditions with which the User contracts the Service will not be archived individually.
  2. Iorihotel reserves the right to update or revise these Conditions, without prior notification to the User, for legal reasons or for changes in the provision of the Service. The latest version of the Conditions will always be available on the Website. The continued use of the Service by the User once the new conditions have come into force will mean the acceptance of the same. In case of modification of the conditions of a specific Service contracted through the Website, Iorihotel will notify the corresponding User who, after such notification and if he / she does not agree with the new Conditions, cancel said contract, and must satisfy, in your case, the expenses determined in condition 7 above of these Conditions.
  3. If any part or clause of these Conditions is or was declared null or void, the remaining ones will retain their validity and full effect. 26. These Conditions are subject to the legislation of the registered office of Iorihotel, and the User and Iorihotel are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the registered office of Iorihotel.


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